Going to start my project soon!

The Artists Encyclopædia Project:  http://www.luxxorz.com

The project is an encyclopedia of ‘up & coming’ and established artists. Categories (which will not be limited to):

Illustration, Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media, Street Art, Sculpture, 3D, Photography, Printmaking, Technology, Textiles, Fashion Design, Architecture, Film, Digital, Collage, CGI & Digital.

If you would like to be considered for participation, this is what I need from you:

1. A bio about yourself.
2. A link to your work (Blog, Website, Flickr, Facebook).
3. Your desired contact name, be it your real name or otherwise.
4. The category of your work.

Please send this information to luxxorz.us@gmail.com

If you are invited to participate, I will need 2 files of your work. 
Also, I will select 3 separate images that will be included, with your permission (approval).
With your permission, I will promote these 5 images on tumblr.

The project will appear here on luxxorz.com when the full site goes live.